Suds Berry

A small blue and red berry that has a peculiar taste of soap. Eating the berries fresh is not very tasty, but the effects of the berry are strange. The berries have a high alcohol content naturally but are extremely potent when made into alcoholic drinks. Though many have tried, the soap flavor can not be masked or removed. Thus the Sudsberry Ale has stayed. People don't drink it for the taste, they drink it for the feelings afterwards. For most people the ale just gets them extremely intoxicated, but for a select few they will have hallucinations and vivid dreams. Some have gone as far as saying they had visions of the past or future. These people seem to never touch the ale again as the taste of the berry produces violent convulsions. The plant that produces the berry is exceptionally hardy and seems to be more like a weed. Dirt, water, and some sun is just about all that is needed. Though it will not grow outside of the surrounding forest of Sudsberry.


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