River Bottom

River bottom is a town more like an oversized village that is on the far south of the island.  For the most part it is very peaceful.  The mayor of the town and the board of representatives seem to keep good order within the town.  The town has, for the most part, anything and everything that people could ask for or want.  It may not be the richest town but it definitely is not the poorest.  There is opportunity for growth.  To the north the town is able to get plants and wood from trees.  To the far south they are able to get to the ocean for fish and wildlife.  They also live within a bend of the river and in that river they fish.  On occasion the nets the fisherman use catch magical items and mysterious things.  These items seem to have washed down from the mountain or unearthed from the great desolation.  Things that were once buried have resurfaced.  The majority of the time these items are taken to the east or to the west to the larger cities and sold depending on what they may be.  Some items may go as far to the north to the Dwarven lands or to the east in the Elvin city.  When these items are sold, the gold and money and other trades and wares are brought back to the town to be shared to everyone.  Ultimately the city does not seem to want for anything.  If people are in need things they can be provided and people are taken care of, one way or another.


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