Tatanham East and West

These two cities, the east and the west, are known to be the predominant shipbuilding cities of the island.  If you are ever in need of a ship and want one built you look no further than to one of these cities.  Though each city believes their ships are better than the other.  Neither one is able to surpass the other.  It is almost like the two cities have been split by a body of water.  If only they were one hole there would be no difference between the two.  But with their split there is a rivalry between the two cities.  It is not a hatred rivalry that it causes war or battles but, more along the lines of trickery and sabotage.  Many a captains ordering or purchasing ships have been delayed and had to wait longer do to the mishaps that have been done by the opposing city.  Though the two cities do not wage war or battles with each other they have agreed-upon one holiday of competition.  The two cities compete with their ships. The four competitions are:

  • speed
  • maneuverability
  • transport
  • a simulated battle

The battle utilizes their four best ships.  The battle is a version of capture the flag.  No live ammunition and sharp blades are used.  Painted sticks and balls of die are used instead.  Very few have ever perished from these battles but accidents have been known to happen.  Through the years it seems that every competition year neither city comes on top or is able to take a great lead.  It seems that if east wins one year west wins the next.  Neither city has shown major strength over the other.


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