Pathfinder Character Creation Process

  1. Create your character on Demiplane first to keep things simple.  Their step by step process is fairly simple.
  2. Create your character on Path Builder 2e.  This is the character that will be imported into Foundry.
  3. All Pathfinder content should be unlocked on Demiplane if you have been added to the Game Master's account:
  4. Once you have completed your character, send the Demiplane and PathBuilder character sheets/links to your Game Master for approval.
  5. After your character is approved, build your character on Hero Forge.
  6. Send the link to your character to your Game Master.
  7. Enjoy The Game!
  • All characters will start at level 1
  • Add starting equipment (no magical items)
  • Start with 15 Gold when buying equipment
  • Any questions, ask your Game Master
  • Game Master will produce your token and portrait


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